Questions & Answers

Q: I clicked the start button but the server did not start ! Why ?

A: You have to define at least one IP address of your computer so that WinTFTP attaches to that network interface. Please check your settings!

Q: I did the above but still not starting...what's wrong ?

A: After you type your IP addresses in settings window you have to check the check box on the right side to enable the server to attach to that address.

Q: I cannot download a file from the server! All settings are correct, what’s wrong ?

A: Most probably the client is not allowed to download from this folder or has no permission to download files from server. Please allow the client to download from that folder in IP access list. For example: you try to download the file C:\TFTP\myfile.img but in access list your IP folder is C:\TFTP_ROOT. Change the folder to C:\TFTP, check the download permission and try again.

Q: I have a router and I cannot save its running-configuration to WinTFTP Server Pro! Why?

A: Check the upload permission in IP access list for your router’s IP. By default, all IP addresses are denied to upload or download files from WinTFTP Server Pro due to security reason.

Q: Great, I did the above and it worked! But where is my file?

A: Perhaps you told the server to save the file to let’s say C:\Router\running-config. You will find your file in the folder you have specified for your router’s IP address.

Q: Why should I register?

A: If you find this software useful then please register! It will help us to improve it and you will get FREE UPDATES and SUPPORT for the LIFETIME of this product.

If you wish to download the last version release of WinTFTP Client/Server Pro please click below, save the install kit file to your computer then double click it and follow the instructions on the screen.
This software is shareware. You can evaluate it for 30 days. After 30 days this software will expire and you must register if you wish to continue to use it.